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My husband and I love to honor our loved ones that have passed, by visiting their plots. My husband has a big heart and loved to plan trips to sit next to his family for visits and he would share his stories about their lives together. Perhaps we planned to clean the plot or just have nice visit, but there were times we just couldn't find them. Not only that, but there were times that the tombstones/ plaques would also be buried under mud, flooded due to weather conditions. On our visits I have watched people wander around in search of their loved ones' headstone/plot. I am sure you've, or someone you know, has planned a visit and sometimes search in vain because they could not remember where they were buried, or the scenery of the cemetery changed since the last visit. Our goal is to remedy that issue, so you never lose track of your family plots.

This idea grew because I began to wonder, Where Are My Loved Ones Buried? I asked some family members if they knew where such and such had been buried, to no avail, they didn't know either. At that point, I Became Intrigued to locate my loved ones and share my discoveries with my family. Now our mission is to help others, so that no one ever feels like they cannot visit their Heavenly Loves who've died.

With the Pandemic and the Turn of the Economy...this website was created to make sure you have an option. We have a Love and Respect for our Heavenly Loves. We're here to make it simple, TO FIND YOUR LOVED ONES!